Performance Simulator for RISC-V

Evaluating the performance of RISC-V based CPU models using gem5 Simulator for analysis and comparison.

Performance Simulator for RISC-V

Excited to share NOVATECHX enrolled project from Namal University Mianwali, focused on developing a Performance Simulator for RISC-V. The goal is to evaluate the performance of RISC-V-based CPU models using the gem5 Simulator for in-depth analysis and comparison. Our solution is integrating the RISC-V PicoRV32 Core into the gem5 simulator. By doing so, we extend gem5's support for RISC-V ISA, enabling us to analyze a broader range of performance metrics beyond what Spike offers.

Our journey with NovatechX has been nothing short of transformative. Their guidance has been instrumental, providing us with expert advice and innovative solutions every step of the way. Their unwavering support and dedication to our project's success have truly set them apart as exceptional partners to NAMAL University Mianwali.

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