Provide a holistic platform to the students and professionals to convert their technological/engineering ideas into realities

Ideology behind NovaTechX

Virtual ecosystem – the latest norm – is redefining the way innovations are happening in today’s world. The growth in the 4th industrial revolution and green technologies has opened a new paradigm for the future employees, entrepreneurs and corporations. One of the biggest challenges faced by students or professionals is how to convert ideas into globally successful new products. Globalization puts a premium on getting it right the first time.

Here NovaTechX plays a crucial role in equipping the participants with the tools and skills needed to flourish in the engineering/technological world.

After careful market research and study, NovaTechX has developed 2 courses – aiming to share all the latest and relevant knowledge and information with the students via the modules. The key features of NovaTechX Ideology are as follows:

Create a virtual ecosystem to bring some of the great minds on one platform

Make it a global platform which is designed to empower students, entrepreneurs and developers with the complete knowledge of the entire new product development and product accelerator processes

Modules have to be designed incorporating all the different specialties involved in the new product development

Focus on teaching of Practice of Engineering new products based on 4th Industrial revolution

Give participants an opportunity to adopt to the successful tools and practices under the mentorship of a competent and experienced mentor

Capstone Projects will have the maturity to be readily commercialized.

NovaTechX will provide global mentorship and an immersive development experience by allowing teams to develop a products at aggressive price points


To prepare students and professionals with a modern way of approaching engineering and development under the mentorship of industry experts with extensive experience in leading companies and research laboratories.


To prepare students enrolled in the 4th industrial and green technological areas in acquiring a job or starting their own venture – equipping them with firsthand experience in the field before they professionally start their practical journey in the real world.

Why NovaTechX?

Uniquely positioned as the tech finishing school – courses are strategically devised – preparing participants to enter the market with real world experience and practically viable final year projects.

A detailed analysis in the study showed that there will be a huge demand for graduates and professionals in some of the key industrial technological areas and green frontier technologies:

Here are some of the key features of NovaTechX:

Create something new

Create Something New

Participants are given a platform to work under the guidance of a mentor to innovate something feasible which will be accepted in the market.

Save money

Save Money

Spend less money than on a high-tech course which lacks in offering internship or practical learning opportunity.

Structured Learning

Structured Learning

Students will learn in a methodical manner ensuring that the course is completed on time and is impactful.

Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Biweekly meetings with our competent mentor will assist our students in learning from the expert and develop final projects which are viable and will be value addition for their Resumes.

                            of Capstone Project

Implementation of Capstone Project

NovaTechX will be motivating individuals to design, create and develop a product or system that will enhance the state of technology.

Learning All The New
                            Product Domains

Learning All The New Product Domains

Students will learn about all the domains involved in product development from strategic planning to marketing to continuing support divisions – giving them a holistic view of the entire new product development process.



A certificate from NovaTechX will be given which will be a competitive edge for the students among their peers.

Financial assistance is also offered to students who are eligible for it. Also, different fee structures are available for individuals and groups.

Hands on experience and job ready programs for engineering and technology fields

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